Sustainability in Aninga Lodge

Efficient resources use, environmental protection and climate change

Being a sector that has a high consumption of energy and resources, tourism can accelerate the shift toward renewable energies and to increase its market share in the global energy matrix. Therefore, to promote sound investments and long-term sustainable sources of energy, we can help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, mitigating climate change and introducing new and innovative energy solutions in our areas of operation.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

Tourism contributes to climate change and at the same time is affected by the same. Therefore, it is our responsibility to assist in the reduction and control of this great global issue. Reducing the consumption of energy and using renewable sources, looking for the carbon neutrality especially in our transport, promoting the conservation of ecosystems, among other actions.

We protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, in addition to manage forests in a sustainable manner. We play an important role, not only in the conservation and preservation of biodiversity, but also in respect, and in the activities of environmental awareness and education.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

Waste Management

We Apply and promote the "3 R's of Recycling" throughout our operation, from our offices to the transport of customers to the hotels and throughout your stay. The tour guide and our partners promote the proper collection of wastes in the different bins located in the offices, buses, boats, rooms, restaurants and public areas.

Also, in Tortuguero has a recycling center located at Pachira Lodge in which are stored on a weekly basis all the previously separated waste in every hotel for that after are brought to the center of the community. Currently collects plastic, glass, cardboard and tetrapack, paper, oil for cooking and motor vehicles.

In our offices exist in each floor a recycling point with the respective bins for the separation of wastes. Weekly waste is collected by the Municipality of San Jose.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero


We appreciate the importance of this precious liquid for life on earth and our health, by what we promote in our partners good habits of consumption through processes of awareness and labeling in the building. We are responsible for the efficient management of water and the protection of aquifers with the proper treatment and disposal of wastewater.

We control the quality of the wastewater generated in the building, through the periodic sampling every 6 months in the boxes for the registration of external and internal waters. The purpose of this is to comply with the health legislation for the discharge of waste water.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero


We Are Looking For the efficient use of energy through the use of ceiling fans instead of air-conditioning systems, the progressive replacement of fluorescent lighting by LED, the medium-term installation of solar panels for energy independence and the promotion of good habits of consumption in our partners through processes of awareness and labeling in the building.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero


Seeking to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet, we have the goal of eliminating the role of our operation. Currently, through the use of recyclable paper and cellulosic not traditional; digital platforms of documentation, ecological multifunctional printers (that reduce energy consumption and paper) we focus on this objective.

Environmental Education

We aim to generate in our employees, customers and business partners programming, cultivate critical thinking and awareness in relation to the natural and cultural environment, guiding them to the development of capacities and training of values. To extend practices and environmentally responsible ways of life, that allows us to improve our quality of life and intervene in the school environment, local and regional levels.

Promoted Sustainable Tourism - Certified CST

What is the CST?

Is a program that seeks to categorize and certify each tourism company according to the degree to which its operations comply to a model of sustainability. This will evaluate the following key areas:

Physical-biological environment

Evaluates the interaction between the company and the surrounding natural environment, interesting policy implementation and sustainability programs, environmental protection, among others

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

Service Floor-Lodging establishments

We evaluate aspects related with the systems and internal processes of the company, with regard to waste management and the use of technologies in terms of saving energy and water.

The Service-Management Agencies Tour Operators

Comprehends the process by which, the company considering all the exogenous and endogenous elements, design a tourism product in line with market trends and the characteristics of the country and the locations in which to operate the product.


We evaluate the interaction of the management to invite the customer to participate in the implementation of sustainability policies of the company.

Socio-Economic environment

Evaluates the identification and interaction with adjacent communities, for example, the extent to which tourism businesses respond to the growth and development of the region, through the generation of employment or the achievement of benefits for the community.

Therefore, we have the mission to comply with the following points:

* To avoid greenhouse gas emissions, and damage caused to the environment by pollution or other chemicals.

* We carry out actions for management and conservation of nature, always protecting it.

* To manage the waste produced in a way that does not create a negative impact to the environment.

* To consume natural products, biodegradable and recycled all those that can be reused.

* We have a program for saving water and electrical energy in all that you have.

* We invite you to know the natural wealth of our country, especially in the area of Tortuguero, urging visitors to take care of her and protect her.

* We comply with rules, specifically those relating to the archaeological heritage, environment and security.

* We employ and train our neighbors in the community where we operate, as they know the area and the local nature.

* We promote the traditions and customs of the country, the consumption of typical food and crafts.

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