Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What time is the check in?

R/ 12:30 P.M.

2 – Is there air conditioning in the hotel?

R/ Aninga does not have air conditioning but the rooms have ceiling fans.

3 - When is the best time to go to Pachira on Honeymoon?

R/ July to October because we have the most important nested site for green turtles...

4 - No phone, tv or music?

R/ You can hear the sounds of the jungle. Within the hotel you will find a public phone to call overseas.

5 - Children under 5 years old?

R/ The hotel is an ideal location for a family vacation.

6 - Fishing?

R/ January to May and August to October.

7 - Policy cancellation and refunds?

R/ 45 days prior to check in will not charge.

8 - What is the best time to watch birds?

R/ In the Morning tour through the canals.

9 - What time is the nesting tour?

R/ After 8 P.M.

10 - When is the nesting season?

R/ July to October.

11 - What to bring to walk in the park?

R/ Mosquito repellent, long pants, coat for the rain and a visor for the sun.

12 - What are the wettest months?

R/ It is a rain forest so the weather is unpredictable.

13 - How to get to the hotel?

R/ By boat and air because the streets are of water.

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