Sustainability in Aninga Lodge

Inclusive economic growth and sustainable

Tourism is one of the driving forces of world economic growth that generates millions of jobs. As a company that promotes sustainable development, we have the commitment to create decent jobs, prioritize trade relations with responsible suppliers, to promote a safe and inclusive society, promote the growth of the local economy and protect the cultural and natural heritage.

Therefore we provide our partners and the surrounding communities the opportunity to excel and achieve a better quality of life. With the vision to be a powerful tool of community progress and reduction of inequality, we engage in our economic development to the local population and to all key actors. For the World Tourism

Organization, the tourism industry can contribute to urban renewal and rural development, and to reduce regional imbalances, providing an opportunity for communities to prosper in their place of origin.

Sustainable business relations

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

We give priority to business relationships with companies that have social responsibility programs, local products and services, and organizations with some type of environmental or quality certification. Likewise, we promote in our commercial partners the implementation of social and environmental responsibility programs, looking for more and more the market to mobilize this type of development.

We believe in strengthening the local economy through decent employment opportunities, tourism linkages and sponsorship of projects for local and inclusive development. We seek economic growth through healthy and sustainable business relationships through time.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero


For tourism to prosper requires a properly trained and competent workforce. Therefore, we encourage education in our collaborators, as well as in our clients and business partners. We encourage technical training programs, language courses, environmental awareness workshops, among others. We consider that the training and technical specialization of our collaborators in aspects related to their positions, as well as company policies, promotes a healthy and competitive work environment and facilitates a quality service for our clients.


Carrying out in the neighboring communities beautification projects of public areas such as schools, parks, cultural and sports centers, among others in order to strengthen its image as a clean, authentic and attractive tourist destination. We are willing to collaborate in the solution of social problems of the neighboring communities in order to improve the quality of life of the people. Supporting sports and cultural activities, donating food to organizations that serve marginalized groups, among others

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