We vacationed 1 night in this wonderful hotel, cabins are surrounded by nature and spectacular wildlife, note that you can only get there by boat. Clean, spacious and comfortable cabins, large sink. There are no windows, it's all with mosquito netting, which makes you feel inside the jungle while you sleep. We saw frogs, toads, iguanas, armadillos, monkeys and toucans (larger species). very good food but to improve the variety. It was very nice stay.

Tete, 2016

We stayed two nights at this lodge for our honeymoon. A stunning lodge in the jungle. Care workers and great service. 10. Cleaning Very happy with this experience.

Raquel, España, 2016

Great Lodge located in the jungle in Tortuguero National Park. For us it was our initial contact with the rainforest and really worth it. The cabins are scattered among the vegetation, full of wildlife. No windows, only a mosquito net that separate you from the outside but that also make you feel more integrated with the environment.

Benito, España, 2016

Aninga is one of three hotels Pachira group so did not know what was best for our family outing. This was our best choice, the rooms are beautiful and comfortable independent bungalows in the middle of the jungle. The restaurant delicious and varied to suit all tastes. Staff attention 100% personalized and our guide Miguel super-prepared and friendly. Loved is a magical place to forget the stress of everyday life. If you want to stay connected by phone or internet... find another destination because although there is coverage, this destination is to commune with Mother Earth.

Nancy, Costa Rica, 2016

Tortuguero is a magical place for those who enjoy nature. Since the arrival by boat is a wonderful experience seeing wildlife and vegetation of the area. The hotel has excellent staff. Rafa the best of their attention and enthusiasm. The always attentive manager, people in the same room. The food exceeded our expectations. The room is cute. And nature hear, smell and feel! Howler monkeys wake you up. Toucans around you. The comfortable pool. Missing hot tub for use by all because there is one who hires for spa services. The tour is very cute and our guide was great and very friendly and very aware of what we saw. Noah thanks. A nice and safe holiday will return.

Marcela, Costa Rica, 2016

Definitely highly recomendable.Se accommodation is a hotel in the middle of tropical forest in which live the experience of sleeping outdoors practically but with the comforts of independent bungalows (one per room) .The rooms have no windows and if large mosquito net so if you love nature and listen to many animals at night .. this is your place !!. The bathroom lacks privacy by not having roof and give directly to the room. This hotel is the best and recently built three having the same group in Tortuguero. The deal was great and the food although limited in variety, was very good. The pool is quiet and there is a bar next to it. WIFI there only in the reception area and not in the rooms. A drawback may be that when the day is ending and dinner, then there is no activity or animation and the enclosure is too quiet although this depends on what you go looking.

Ignacio, 2016

* Taken from: TripAdvisor, Hotel Aninga Lodge.

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