Sustainability in Aninga Lodge

Mutual understanding, peace and security

We believe that all our employees, clients and communities have the right to a civilized, safe and respectful environment. Therefore they have the responsibility to respect the rights, health, physical integrity and safety of the other acting under a professional ethic that adheres to our policies. Failure to comply with the above will result in disciplinary action and may result in the loss of privileges for residents, visitors or employees of the company.

Against Sexual Harassment

We watch over the compliance and disclosure of the "Law against sexual harassment in personnel (Law No. 7476)" whose objective is to prohibit and punish harassment or sexual harassment as a discriminatory practice based on sex, against the dignity of women and of man in labor relations. We do not accept conduct that is considered sexual harassment by any of its officers, clients or business partners.

Sexual harassment and harassment is understood to be any repeated unwanted sexual behavior that has effects on the person receiving it in the material conditions of employment or teaching, in the performance and labor or educational compliance; and in the general state of personal well-being. Serious conduct that, having occurred only once, harms the victim in any of the indicated aspects is also considered sexual harassment.

Consumption of illegal substances

Based on Law No. 8204, our company will proceed to denounce in case of supply, administration, handling, use, possession, trafficking and marketing of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, inhalants and other drugs, and drugs susceptible to producing psychic or physical dependence.

So we have a reporting protocol for this type of situation, which is known by our collaborators and suppliers. In this way, in an eventual scenario, the following institutions should be contacted to deliver the substance found: Ministry of Health, CCSS, IAFA, PANI (in the case of minors) and local authorities authorized by the state.

The company has an emergency brigade that watches over and has an adequate response to accidents, all have First Aid training, in such a way that they will provide assistance in first aid, until the professionals arrive at the place, or they will transfer the person to a safer place, if possible.

Code of conduct for the protection of children and adolescents against commercial sexual exploitation associated with travel and tourism in Costa Rica

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

The commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a recognized problem in the world and also in Costa Rica. In our country there are two manifestations of CSEC that particularly concern the country: ESCNNA associated with travel and tourism, and the trafficking of children and adolescents for the purpose of sexual exploitation. These manifestations complement each other.

Therefore, we are committed to comply with the following five steps of the Code of Conduct model:

1. Develop an ethical policy of zero tolerance for CSEC.

2. Train your employees at all levels and during working hours.

3. Insert a clause in your contracts with suppliers.

4. Subscribe the contract with the ICT.

5. Place external symbols in visible places for clients and suppliers.

6. Present an annual report that reflects the degree of compliance with the commitments.

LAW 7600

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

We must be prepared to respond to a growing market of tourists with different needs, who have different skills, abilities or aptitudes than the standard citizen and with the desire to travel. We are committed to being increasingly socially responsible and to improve the quality of facilities, service and customer service.

The application of accessible quality tourism can come to represent an important competitive advantage for all those involved in this strategy. Reducing seasonality and increasing business profits.

We have the responsibility to guarantee equal opportunities for all people to enjoy the Tortuguero region, without any impediment. And that our collaborators and business partners comply with this law.

That is why we are a member of the new NGO "Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism"

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

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