Sustainability in Aninga Lodge

Cultural values ​​and heritage

According to the World Tourism Organization, a city or tourist destination that is not equipped for its citizens is not suitable for tourists. Sustainable tourism has the capacity to improve urban infrastructures and universal accessibility, to promote the regeneration of decaying areas and to preserve the cultural and natural heritage, assets on which tourism depends.

Aninga Hotel & Spa in Tortuguero

Therefore, we promote that communities are genuine, inclusive, safe and sustainable, seeking the conservation of their cultural heritage and all values ​​that highlight their authenticity. We promote activities such as workshops and fairs that involve children and adolescents. So that the cultural identity of the communities is not lost so we encourage the creation of artistic groups that enhance the dance, traditions and local cuisine.

We have the social responsibility to serve the entire community. In order to have a more significant impact, our community commitment is combined with financial contributions, in-kind donations and voluntary services from the company's employees. Our commitment to social responsibility not only benefits the communities in which we live and work, but also: strengthens the organizational culture of the company, helps us attract and retain valuable employees, customers and business partners, as well as it offers opportunities for local development.

It is an honor to collaborate every year with the Cultural and Sports Festival of Tortuguero as a sponsor. This is an event that brings together the community through cultural activities, typical dances, and a triathlon in which it is intended to give social life and provide healthy spaces free of drugs as well as encourage sports.

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